Health Benefits of Tennis

Tennis is an extremely popular sport in Australia and beyond. It is a sport played between two (singles) or four (doubles) people.

The game involves a wide variety of different types of movement and shot making resulting in the perfect workout, whilst doing a fun activity with friends and family.

Whilst tennis is a great deal of fun, the health benefits are even greater. Tennis is a fast paced sport that requires a combination of many different aspects of fitness. This makes it the perfect all round workout.

Aerobic Fitness

Firstly tennis works on your aerobic fitness, aerobic meaning with oxygen. This happens through the continuous movement of the players, with short 20-30 second breaks between points.

At Peter Gerrans Pro Tennis Coaching we pride ourselves on including every child in every drill or game. This insures that the children are active and enjoying the lesson whilst working on their fitness.

Benefits of Aerobic Fitness

The benefits of a good aerobic fitness base include: reduced cholesterol and blood pressure, improved muscular endurance which heaps with everyday tasks such as walking, reduced body fat and it strengthens the heart and lungs.

Throughout our tennis programs we aim to improve player fitness to achieve overall success on the court.

Resting Heart Rate

Another benefit of tennis is that through improved fitness we lower our resting heart rate and blood pressure.

This ensures that you will be less tired during the day and be able to achieve more during the day.

During coaching sessions Peter Gerrans Pro Tennis Coaching include a medium to high work rate for a short period of time. This is followed by a resting period. We find that adults and children improve their concentration levels throughout the coaching term.

Weight loss to Muscle tone!

By playing tennis regularly you will also begin to see changes to your body. You will lose unwanted body fat and increase your muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

Decreasing body fat means your risk of a heart attack decreases significantly and as a result of increased strength and flexibility you will find that you are not as “run down” towards the end of the day.

Our tennis programs include a manageable fitness component for players work on certain areas of fitness in tennis based exercises. These exercises are designed to help participants achieve tennis success whilst also helping improve everyday activities.

Reaction Time

Each tennis lesson we teach at Peter Gerrans Pro Tennis Coaching includes a small section of ball skills. Children are taught basic ball control and reaction time is improved by anticipation what the ball will do next.

In tennis we react to every shot our opponents hit. As we improve we are able to anticipate what shot they are going to hit and react accordingly.

By decreasing your reaction time on the court you will find that you will decrease reaction time off the court in everyday life.

You Benefit!

By participating in tennis we are able to improve our quality of life a great deal. Whatever tennis level you are at our tennis coaching programs are tailored to suit your needs.