A Sport for the entire Family

Tennis is a fun sport which can be played either in a social or competitive environment.

Unlike most sports which have set age groups, tennis is a sport which can be enjoyed by all people. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, 5 years old or 85 years old, tennis can be enjoyed by all.

Tennis is one of the greatest sports to play and has been for years.

Tennis is a Workout

How often have you thought of doing a workout but can’t seem to get motivated or it wouldn’t interest your kids?

Here’s the solution. Tennis Coaching! Peter Gerrans Pro Tennis Coaching provides family lessons which suit the entire family.

By being active we replace all those monotonous activities we dread like using a cardio machine, jogging for long distances or going to the gym.

Learning Tennis

To learn tennis is easy. Our Tennis school runs organized group and private lessons for all ages. Children enjoy playing with friends whilst adults enjoy private or adult group coaching.

Family lessons are also organised.

We run programs suited for all ability levels and our friendly coaches will assist you in becoming the best tennis player you can.  

Convenient Lessons for Everyone

At Peter Gerrans Pro Tennis Coaching we understand that parents are busy with children and are constantly on the run. Our lessons generally last 1 hour but are action packed.

Every Child leaves having learnt something new and adults feel like they have achieved something.

Tennis is an ideal workout because it only takes a short amount of time out of your busy schedules. Students enjoy maximum participation throughout the lesson. 

Family Lessons

Our Tennis school has successfully run family tennis lessons for a number of years now.

Children enjoy learning something new with their parents, whilst the parents enjoy the satisfaction the children get out of playing tennis.

Technique is taught and achievable tasks are set. Each lesson concludes with a fun game based activity which all ages can enjoy. 


Peter Gerrans has been working in the industry for many years. Equipment is always available for hire or to purchase at all our locations across the Perth Metropolitan area.

Different sizes are required for different ages and playing abilities and we are able to size rackets to your needs.

Come and enjoy the fun!

Why not organise a lesson to suit your needs and improve your game whilst enjoying a fun social environment.

Whether you require intense training or improving social play Peter Gerrans Pro Tennis Coaching has the Lesson for you!