Junior Tennis is Fun!

Tennis is not the easiest sport to learn or play. Having fun on a tennis court is key to becoming the best possible player you can be. At Peter Gerrans Pro-Tennis Coaching we find that the best way to learn well is through enjoyment and having success. Our junior tennis programs are tailored to get the best out of each individual.

Different Coaching Programs for Kids of Different Ages

We understand that each child is different and has different needs when it comes to learning how to play tennis. Different age groups and skill levels require a different approach to the child.

This is why we have different Programs of varying length and difficulty. Our Coaching Programs include: Kindy for 3-5 year olds, Junior group coaching, Semi Private and Private lessons. We also include Squad training for those kids who take tennis more seriously.

In Tennis, Technique is all Important

Not surprisingly, learning correct tennis techniques from a young age will increase enjoyment as participants become more successful and is important in creating lifelong players. Having the correct technique also decreases the likelihood of injuries. At our tennis school we structure lessons to include a skill for each week (ie: Forehand).

Each coaching session ends with a fun game based activity which incorporates the skill learnt during that lesson.

Kids Should be Playing Tennis for Fun!

Sport should be enjoyed and this is especially true for children. We ensure that each session includes fun game based elements that ensure everyone is involved and improving their tennis. By having fun we find that kids look forward to the next weeks lesson instead of dreading to come back.

Leaving with a Smile!

Over the years we have found that our junior tennis coaching programs have the perfect balance of technique and enjoyment. Our business has taught thousands of young aspiring juniors who have left every session with a smile on their face.

If our Juniors have fun and are improving then surely we can continue to grow our wonderful game!